I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.

Harriet Tubman

Mission Statement

DEMOCRATIC UNION OF GAMBIAN ACTIVISTS (DUGA) is an international civil society organization. As the acronym suggests, our mission is to penetrate the core of the Gambian society to sensitize and mobilize its citizens in the quest to achieve a true and sustainable democracy in The Gambia. It is only through being ORGANIZED, PROACTIVE and UNIFIED, can we be successful in achieving our goals.

Our Goals

Our Goals

We urge the Gambia Government to return to THE RULE OF LAW IMMEDIATELY, adhering and not limited to the following without any form of Compromise or Negotiations from DUGA GLOBAL!

  • End tyranny in all its forms.
  • Usher in a new democratic Gambia that shall guarantee to the people PEACE, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY and LIBERTY.
  • Guarantee people the unhindered rights to determine their manner of government through a TRANSPARENT, DEMOCRATIC and ELECTORAL process.

Principles of Unity

  • We agree that our primary principle of unity is that, tyranny in all its forms must be eradicated from Ganbian scoirty through civil disobedience , education and other democratic methods.
  • We agree to respect our ideological differences, be it religious or political.
  • We agree to submit to the rules of discipline set by the coalition to make our work more effective.
  • We agree to resolve our disagreements through a democratic voting process.
  • We agree to oppose the abrogation of the Gambian constitution and all inhumane and degrading punishments.
  • We agree to work with the opposition parties and individuals inside the Gambia working in the interest of the Gambian people.
  • We agree to work with our African neighbors, the international community, human rights activists and groups in opposing dictatorship.
  • We agree not to use the name of the organization to benefit personally; that any representative use of the name DUGA shall be done with full disclosure and transparency.



P.O.Box 29199, NE Washington, DC 20017


+1 202 590 4318




We are always eager to hear your input. Help us make the Gambia a model country for the entire world by standing for justice and peace.

D.U.G.A Global